Enemy idea - Void Stalker

All that remains of this once human firgure is a skull riding upon a mass of writhing tentacles who’s eyes seem to absorb all light around it.

This creature would create darkness around its form and reduces night vision or give blindness while withing a tile or two of it. It would attempt to grab with its tentacles and can get multiple melee trickes per turn, is blind, has great hearing, but would have fairly low hp and poor cut protection. It has a chance to drop cbm when butchered. I really just want an enemy that uses that cbm that creates darkness.

What are your thoughts on that enemy and do you have any of your own?

While the goo certainly changes some zombies to an extraordinary extend, i don’t feel like he would…basically destroy the human body in favour of, well, tentacles. All the zombies, as far as I remember, kept their overall appearance, with some minor adjustments, like stretched arms/legs or a bloated body of some kind. Well, at least I can’t remember a Zombie which wouldn’t fall into this category.

What you describe sounds more like a Nether-Creature ; or at least one of those earth-horrors, like the Amigara, the Thing or human snails. And those usually don’t use CBMs - i actually doubt cbms could work on those creatures, as their DNA and overall biological and chemical makeup seems extremely different to that of a human, which the cbms were made for.

Also, why going so far as to make a tentacle monster? Do you happen to have an Anime Character / Otaku as Character? Oh, you so kinky. cough cough

Jokes aside, we have to consider the following:
Why would a zombie have an Artificial Night Generator? Or more exact: Why would the Person who became the zombie have this CBM? As it stands, i don’t really feel like a 0815 human would have something like this. A CBM which generates dark night around you sounds more like something for a military operator, or some kind of spy or assassin. So, why not make something around that Idea. We already have zombie soldiers and zombie bio-operators, so one could easily make a variation of those and call it Zombie Assassin, something like…

Barely visible in the Darkness around it is a figure clad in what seems to be a dark, military uniform. It’s eyes glow red, the only light inside this Sphere of utter blackness. It seems to be an augmented Soldier, maybe once part of a Special Forces group, specialized in Assassination. Whatever may be the case, its motions are smooth, its eyes looking for prey. Do you really want to fight it?

Well that would work prolly better than my idea. I think something like that would make night raiding more dangerous that it currently is because with decent night vision you can deal with/avoid all real threats.

The reason i was thinking tentacles is because my last lab character got the tentacle mutation and was thinking it was more of a mutant who was mutated rather than a normal human but it does sound more like a nether creature which would work also. I do agree that a tentacle monster reaching for you in the dark does sound quite perverted.

Chugging mutagen and genetic chaos is fun.

There are already zombies which make the night more dangerous. They are pretty rare, as far as I know. Especially in the beginning.

Meet the Shady Zombie:
An uncanny shadow envelops this creature, as if light itself were too repulsed to touch it. All you can make out is its shambling, human shaped outline.

and it’s big brother, the Zombie Nightstalker:
Somehow this brute hides in the dark like some kind of boogeyman. Very agile for such a large zombie.

Both of them have the Trait of Night Invisibility - this means that you cannot see them when they aren’t in direct light - all shadows will make them invisible, so, of course, nighttime is the most dangerous time with them around.
They are, however, only in the experimental version ; the stable version does not feature them.

I have met the shady zombie and they are basically a joke to kill even at low lv unless you are already hurt but i have never met the nightstalker yet. The nightstalker could be a bit of an issue.

Something that cloaks the area in darkness would be a good support zombie especially if shady zombies would go by it or if there are other nasties like spitters nearby that you didnt notice/couldnt see