"encumb hit a non-armor item at worn[15] (none)"

C:\Users\Kyratzes\Documents\GitHub\Cataclysm-DDA\player.cpp[5318]: Bishop Artemis::encumb hit a non-armor item at worn[15] (none)

The item in question, as it appears in my .sav file:

W 67 % -1 0 0 0 0 null -1 0 0 -1 -1 -1 ‘’

It is an artifact “Ring of Gelatinous Ichor”

Could someone tell me how to edit the .sav to unequip this item? This character has survived a long time, I’d hate to lose him. The game crashes if I try to move, open any menu, or perform any actions.

I tried changing the W to I, but this corrupts another item in my inventory, turning both it and the artifact into "none"s, and I have no idea what other corruptions might occur as a result.

Well, if you want to completely remove the item, it appears that just deleting the entire bit would work (everything starting from that W, up to but NOT including the next letter).

Alternatively, it might be possible to patch up artifact loading and/or worn item handling to fix the issue, but I suspect that your current save isn’t compatible with recent git builds.