Crashing when removing worn clothes from an NPC

I am 80% sure this is caused by a mod, mostly since it started happening recently-ish after I installed Ascension (although things worked fine until a certain update), and after a couple of days and some updates the game still crashes after I do such thing.

I might be too dumb to figure things out but is there any way to at least make an idea of what could be causing it?

Happens to me without mods. After the fix you can now add clothes without dupe. But look like this add new bugs.
Only certain clothes ctd, one vest (MBR?) is the most common. Not sure where I post that.

Update: After traveling along a super soldier NPC and this bug not happening, it came back. While driving to a city I noticed a sudden debug message about an NPC being misplaced or something like that, and ever since everytime I try to remove clothing pieces of this super soldier NPC I crash.

Yeah it seems to be spotty for me too. Sometimes it crashes and then other times I am able to have them unequip clothing without issue.