Emergency Blanket

I decided to play as an outdoors man (with allergy to wool) and lucked out finding an emergency blanket early but when I tried to equip it I got the “You can’t wear that, it’s made of wool!” message.

I’m wondering if this is a bug or a development error because emergency blankets are definitely not made of wool.

This is a bug, emergency blankets are made out of reflective material to be highly visible and to deflect light to keep you cool.

That’s why I would take out with me to the Sahara.

So, Cotton/Plastic?

Aluminum foil basically, it’s one of those ‘space blankets’. Which doesn’t make sense, in space your covers and bed would float away from you.

It’s not a bug, the description itself says it’s made of wool. Whoever created the item just wasn’t familiar with emergency blankets.

If you wore an emergency blanket in the Sahara your body would boil itself, since they’re designed to keep heat from escaping.

i thought those things had 2 functions.
like you flip it over to keep yourself cool or conserve your heat

I thought it was one of those silver plastic ones you get in first aid kits.

Edit: Also, it gets to about -12 F at night, so a warm blanket would be lovely thank you.

At night, yes. But you wouldn’t wear one in the desert sun. They aren’t designed to keep you cool, they’re designed to reduce heat loss. They’re meant primarily for treating hypothermia rather than as a sleeping aid and they aren’t very comfortable since they don’t breathe; not a good substitute for a sleeping bag, as the game treats them.

Wiki redirects “emergency blanket” to Space blanket, so gtaguy’s got a reasonable argument IMO.

That is if you wear it. I’d use a couple poles/sticks and strings to make a harness attached awning/umbrella/parasol/improvised-shade-causing-light-obstruction or whatever you want to call it. Keeps your hands free and your head cool. I’ve never been to the Sahara but they work to keep the rain off around here even if they look ridiculous.

But back on topic. I really thought they were the small metallic ones that fits in your pocket (until you open it, then it never fits back in again) because I had no idea there was even a wool one.

I think the Emergency Blanket is supposed to be something like , the kinds of thin, cheap woolen blankets they have at homeless shelters or the kind they give out after disasters, not the mylar space blanket- it can’t be one of those, since it’s volume is 4, far too large.

A mylar space blanket would be a cool item to have though, make it take 1 volume until opened, then like 20 volume to simulate the IRL impossibility of folding them back up again

Strange, the Emergency Blanket I have in my kit is the foil one. If they intended the use of that wool one it would be nice if the foil one was introduced as an alternative.

Agreed, if the one already in the game was meant to be wool, then I’d like to see the Mylar version added. Also, because Mylar is the exact same material used for potato chip packaging, we could add a recipe to craft them from those empty plastic bags. :smiley:

When the item was added, I had in mind the “crappy” version that keldoclock linked. I might change the name to “Cheap emergency blanket” or something (suggestions welcome). I also really like the idea of the Mylar space blanket being super tiny to carry, but has a big volume once used. It should be possible to do in this game, I just have to learn how to do it.

Seems like it shouldn’t be too difficult. I’d take a look at the vacuum packed food use code as an example of how you can turn one item into another by using it (in this case transforming a “packed space blanket” tool into “space blanket” clothing).

Yeah, it->make is exactly for that, it’s how most of the tools with two states work.

I suggest the name Wool Emergency Blanket, as they are not necessarily cheap, also think of the impression that would give to new players. I would suggest the name “Wool Emergency Blanket” as that clearly tells the player what it is made of. As for a name for the metallic/space blanket, I am not sure.

To see some code about the increasing volume there is always the packed LAW (was that the name, it is a rocket). It gives you exactly what you are looking for, originally packed up and once activated it increases in size, therefore becoming weldable/wearable.
But I am also interested in i2amroy’s idea of vacuum sealing an unpacked space/metallic blanket to become it’s compressed state, that would be both fun as well as useful.

Another idea that must be taken into consideration is what is the difference on where these two different blankets will spawn?

Not exactly what I was saying, but that is certainly a nice idea (I was simply pointing out that the item transformation code that is used for opening vacuum sealed things would be the same as the code needed in this case). It does make sense that you could probably vacuum pack them back to their original size after all.

I think the starting shelter and some of the new buildings should have emergency lockers with things like flare guns, flares, glow sticks, radios, flashlights, pills, first aid, and blankets.