Early Game Mutations Mod

Hey y’all.

I decided to make a mod that allows early game (or new) characters to access several mutagens reliably (but not necessarily easily).

The mod comes with a new building, with two start scenarios, and a custom profession.

The building is called the “Body Modification Clinic” and it contains a vault as well as reinforced vending machines that contain mutagen and medicine.

To balance it out however, there are also considerable dangers in this place in the form of other mutants and zombies.

The reason why I made this mod, was because I like mutations but by the time I get a proper opportunity to reliably attain mutagen - it would be around the mid-game; a time when I either prioritise better things like power armour or I go solely for safe mutations (Alpha et al). In order not to undermine a character I have spent days/weeks playing.

Anyway, here is the link.

Feedback appreciated. :wink:

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Haha, I totally get your reasoning,

Each of my characters have Robust Genetics, only one of them had mutations - full Alpha.

Not that I am dying too much, but I got bored with my character around the time I finish my movable crafting base.

Talk about wasted trait points…

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I tried this about half a dozen times as lab techs. All of the doors were locked so I could not leave even though I worked there, and the inpatients basically instantly killed me.

Edit: For the hell of it, decided to try a ‘gimmicky’ start - I started as the ‘outpatient’ and gave myself a bunch of mutations, and started with 6 melee/unarmed/dodge. Got a two by for and went for the enemy that killed me last time.

I still died without even hurting the thing (a cephelopod inpatient). The others seem equally formiddable.

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I love this Idea, might I suggest some alteration to the basic “Experiment” start as well?.

To preserve balance it would be nice just to maybe make all the basic atheistic mutations available?

… I just want to be ably to start as a cute lizard mutant damn it!

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Stay classy CDDA.