E.g. will be the enemies stronger?

At first sorry for my bad english skills.

Following i use free translated words because i’m playing cataclysm dda in german and not in english.

I asked me: will be the enemies stronger or spawn the enemies more often with the time?

I use a startpoint-house as home. With the time the attacks of zombie bears or dogs rised (feeled).

My home is left from a river (two or three metres). Left from my home is a big forrest and right from the river is a little village.

It’s normal?

Another question is:

Other people in the near of my home want to get my equipment from my house, because they think that isn’t mine.
I must kill every guy to protect my goods with high punishment for my morality.
Give it ways to kill every guy without the punishment or a way to protect my goods without killing people.
Or i should use the people to be protectors from my goods (persuade)?

Thanks for following advices,


Yeah, your starting point is normal. But it’s random every time.

Turn off NPCs in the options menu to stop people coming in and taking your stuff.

Your starting location is randomized everytime so it can be easy in this game but the next one it become insanely hard for example, depend on the location you should plan your survival strategy accordingly.

Enemy kinda get stronger over time, partly because as you explore the surrounding land you will encounter more exotic enemies. Beware of the horde!

And NPC is kinda bugged so unless you want some random insanity (and fun) from them I suggest you turn off NPC for now.

And welcome to the forums. We are for the most part regularly medicated ; )

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Prozac is totally bugged. It tells you your morale is super high but in reality it isn’t and it comes with the Insomnia trait and weird mutation dreams.

Someone get the dev of real life on the phone.

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Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

A new question:

What is needed to build a charcoal-oven?

The list of the needed materials is longer than the display …

Give it a way to scroll the displey down and up or a other setting to edit?

EDIT: More important:

I want to build a refrigerator! I hate it to hunt every day to survive …
Where i get the recipe or etc.?

There are several charcoal based items. There’s a Charcoal Kiln which is used to produce charcoal, a Charcoal Smoker which is used to preserve meat, and a Charcoal Forge which is used to make other items. If you’re looking for the Smoker (which is the closest thing to a charcoal-oven), you need a hacksaw, hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and either a soldering iron or a welder with 50 batteries loaded in it. You also need a pilot light (which you can get by disassembling a lighter), 4 chunks of scrap metal, and a metal tank (which you can remove from cars). You will also probably need a Charcoal Kiln, because a Smoker consumes charcoal like crazy. A Kiln requires the same tools with 150 more batteries for the soldering iron/welder, plus a metal tank, 6 pipes, and 60 scrap metal/20 chunk of steel/5 lump of steel. You can get everything but the metal tank by smashing up display racks in stores.

Refrigerators are very hard to come by. Typically you can find them in RV’s or in ice cream carts in the park. The ice cream carts are your best bet, as IIRC they have solar panels built in.

Thank’s for the detailed answer :slight_smile:

You can make your viewport for the game bigger in options.