Durability and Martial Arts

Allow unarmed skill to affect defenses in some manner, so long as you are barehanded/using an MA.

As current, it is nearly impossible to beat a turret to death with anything short of powered power armor-which tends to wreck durability on it completely. And then it explodes to add more injury to injury. High enough strength and sufficiently high skills do allow you to kill it, although it takes awhile… and it spams bullets at you all the while.

Ditto most other high-bullet, long-range enemies if you’re trying for a melee run. Problem becomes compounded when they have a strong range attack and are also strong in melee.

Best solution seems to have some scaling that increases cutting and bashing resistance, or dodge. There should be a cooldown period of switching to unarmed before it activates to prevent abuse, which is reset upon throwing something.

Why not have an unarmored skill, which scales up defense rapidly from 3-6 armor/limb or <15 total armor, or dependent on armor weight if <15.

It was a nice mechanic in Morrowind which they unfortunately didn’t have in Oblivion or Skyrim.

To balance it out, maybe it could affect bash and cutting, and there be some kind of armor like the kevlar which should provide excellent pierce and low cut/blunt armor. The systems a little weird since Pierce isn’t an armor value, and you’d kinda expect bullets to pierce skin. The armor could be crafted with tailoring primary and unarmored secondary, and unarmored could be a skill dependent on strength and perception, while dexterity and perception is kept to dodging.

How unrealistic!

Seriously though, if you want to punch turrets to death, cheat yourself a few hundred strength. If you’re going to do something so blatantly stupid, or at least contrary to the instinct of self-preservation, you deserve to suffer consequences commensurate with your decision.

There’s a mutation and a bionic that give you defense against all manner of damage. Use those if you feel like fighting without actual armor.

“I’m gona punch this fire out!” - my friend… my stupid, stupid friend.

Read the above quote. Think about it. REALLY think about it. Ok, now read this next one.

“I’m gona punch out this metal gun while it spits molten lead in my face and knowing full well that it will explode if I win!” - Not really a quote so much as an idea… a bad, bad idea.

As you can guess I rate this idea even farther below the first. Why? Because you have thought about it (are can type so you are non drunk enough to excuse yourself) and still think punching a gun is a smart choice.

As for an unarmored skill I have to vote no. That is why we have dodge. No manor of training lets you block bullets with your face without armor, heavy mutations and or magic. We have armor, we have mutation, I don’t think we have magic.

Some of this might come off a little strong, sarcasm doesn’t carry well through text, but such is the internet.

Oh, and before I forget. Your unarmed skill DOES increase your defences with martial arts. Block and Leg Block reduse damage and move it to your arms and legs respectively (whatever limb has the most health at the time) and away from lethal areas like the face and chest.

Except you can’t block bullets. Who would’ve guessed right?

No manner of making arrow shafts will let you make better bows, no matter of solar panels will let you charge a car that can drive for hours weighing 3000kg, no matter of electrical skill will let you turn soldering irons into cybernetic modules, no amount of radiation will spawn man-eating plants that infect you with fungus and Lovecraftian horrors, no matter of punching or wooden arrows will explode corpses on impact, no matter of anything will have ZOMBIES WALKING THE EARTH.

You might be mentally handicapped to think those things are acceptable disbelief, at the same time punching a gun-loaded turret to death by sneaking up on it during darkness and blowing up corpses with fists is ok, but god forbid we have defense that’s anything better than worthless for people who don’t want to walk around in iron-man suits while they punch bullet firing machinery to death.

I believe we already mentioned mutations and cybernetics?

It should be impossible to even get near a machine gun turret without an iron man suit or a regular car. Punching a gun with fists , as smart as it sounds should be possible in the game with a little bit of help from debug menu.

Turrets are either
A) in small, easy to avoid rooms in science labs.
B) At long range by military outposts.

Ether way turrets are enemy’s that need to be taken out with range, with little gun skill and a strong pistol it is easy to turn a corner a kill a turret before it hits you.
(In my opinion) this game needs more enemy’s that have to be killed long ranged forcing the player to mix up there fighting style (to at least carry a backup pistol)