Dreams about game

Hi! I am dreaming about specific game-something like Arma on Cataclysm engine. Random huge maps with towns,bases,bunkers,military factions. Just military conflict simulator(Afghanistan or Vietnam). Fights between military factions just like between NPC groups(zombie vs moose). Few types of tanks and armored vehicles,jeeps,trucks,boats etc. Few types of infantry-gunner,sniper,scout,medic,sapper,leader etc. Safe zone in base where we can skip few days to go on next mission. Stronger emphasis on realism and atmosphere. I know-it can be very messy but I would like to at least try this;)

It’d be pretty cool. I doubt you’d need to do something like this on the Cataclysm engine, per se, since it’d require a complete overhaul of practically every aspect of the game. A milsim roguelike would be beyond awesome, though.