Does weight affect combat?

Lets say I have an object that is triple the weight of another object, but this object have a negative to hit ratio and lower bash. Would it do more damage if I manage to hit something with it then if I used the other object?

If in melee, no. If throwing, I think yes.

All that stuff is (supposedly) worked into the damage and to-hit stats, etc, for each weapon already. There is a thread around here about re-balancing stats for weapons to make those numbers more balanced/look more realistic/easier to add stuff in the future/other stuff too.

So, in a weird way, Yes and No to your question. The stats SHOULD look different (a big heavy melee weapon should do more damage but to-hit should be lower than a small, light one) but there aren’t any hidden numbers from you, what you see is what you get.

Hmm, okay. I will stick with the sledgehammer then.

The sledgehammer also has other benefits, such as a high probability of stunning and hitting enemies backwards, causing them to lose ground and potentially also have to re-climb into a window or bush. I have a character going right now who found a bat early on and made a nail-bat; fantastic weapon.