Does this count as cheating? (Also random bagpipe talk)

–I want all my NPC buddies to have at least some sort of a uniform. So, I want all of them to wear kilts! I’d make them myself, but getting the stuff for it is soooo annoying! But at the same time, I’m rather averse to cheating. At the same time, a kilt isn’t OP or anything, it really isn’t that great.
–The bone armor suit I want all of them to wear I can make myself, so I don’t worry about that part.
–In short, should I consider a kilt uniform for all my NPc buddies to be considered ‘bad?’

Yes and no. If it isnt giving you an advantage then technically its not but since your still spawning them in then yes.

you DO know that you can do anything you want in this game, do you? there’s no referee, no punishment - if you want to create a character with all stats on 20, full power armor, unlimited storage and his own tank to level the whole map, you “are allowed” do that.

set your own rules and play however it suits you.


If you overcome a challenge with an unfair advantage (like spawn items, increase skills, etc with the debug menu) and then you show your success as genuine to other people, that is cheating. Everything else is fine in a single player game, the game is for your entertainment.

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–Wow, looking at the stats of a kilt, it really isn’t that great. I guess 3 protection from bash and cut is okayyyy, but it only covers 50%. Warmth is useless on an NPC, so that really doesn’t matter. It has 0.25 (L) of storage, which I don’t care too much for, since I often forget stuff when I use NPCs as pack mules.
–Hmm, while I’m not a cheaty kinda guy for the most part (unless I’m stupidly lazy), I guess it wouldn’t be all that bad. Especially since it gives unnecessary encumbrance (due to stacking, it has 0 by itself).
–It’s gonna hurt my soul a little bit, simply because it’s a matter of principal, but, frankly, you care argue that it actually makes my NPCs less effective. And I want them to wear kilts, dang it! I’m also tempted to force the to wear bagpipes for eternity, and while I can easily craft those, that is a bit overboard.

But just think of the embarasment on your defeated foes faces! Defeated by a bunch of skirts. This is of coarse assuming that your going against bandits or other macho-like enemies that find this humiliating as they have no modern concept or frame of referance that its the appocolypse, there are more important things to focus on.

Skirts? SKIRTS?! How dare you insult my heritage so! Next you’ll say bagpipes sound terrible! I refuse to talk to you for a minimum of five minutes!

Personal preference: if you’re going to give them kilts, make sure they’re not wearing underwear :slight_smile:

Rags are ludicrously easy to obtain. Smash/deconstruct beds, sofas, and armchairs. Cities are littered with such things. Batch crafting them will also help your allies raise Tailoring, if such a thought appeals to you. The only thing it’s costing you is time.

For me, then, it becomes a question of whether I want/need the skill practice & saved time vs the pleasure of immediate gratification.

I “cheat” in a number of ways – I hard reboot to load an earlier save if I make stupid mistakes, I take advantage of “OP weapons” like throwing sticks to survive the early game, stuff like that. I probably wouldn’t spawn objects into the world…though the temptation to spawn a wrench is always super tempting.

@redxlaser15 – My college had a degree program in bagpipe, and I’ve seen people jam all kinds of awesome with it.

–Exactly. Although I’m more partial to what you might consider ‘older’ versions. Not played in this fashion, or which mostly references later on. I’m not sure what to call that, like, ‘modern’ style or something? Still, I appreciate you bringing this up!
–However, I might go and find my own video for this.

If something makes you ask, “is this cheating?”, it is.

–Good point. Although it’s literally just a kilt, so it doesn’t seem overly bad or anything.
–Also, here is some other bagpipe music:


After that, this website might help with the difference between a skirt and a kilt:

Good luck with the battle skirts. :smiley:

The definition of kilt on that website is pretty dated. Modern “utility kilts” are designed using heavy, coarse fabrics (like muslin and duck cloth), and are chiefly distinctive from other types of skirts in the inclusion of pockets – either the more traditional sporran, or the kind of pockets seen on cargo pants.

Modern kilts often include screen printing, hand painting, or intentional distressing. They are frequently associated with the steampunk culture, and when so associated, often feature the distinctive design elements of that culture: buckles, straps, decorative button patterns, and gears.