Does exercise improve health?

So I was wondering does all of the exercise (running, climbing, bashing in skulls) that your character is doing have any effect on their hidden health stat or modifier?

Or is this entirely dependent on what you eat, if you use drugs and getting enough sleep?


only of what you eat, and how much weight do you have


I am loving the idea.

I am hating the idea of programming it though…


I could’ve sworn that there was a planned exercise system so that you can gain buffs over time for doing certain things, so maybe it could be integrated with that?

Got any source? (post must be 20 characters long)

The exercise system was a suggestion in a community vote some time ago…

Considering I’m always overweight while sprinting around with 200+ pounds of gear and loot all day long I doubt it

Consider this thread.

I’m in a process of introducing workout feature to the game, which will help in burning those extra calories. Consider this a small teaser.


Can you elaborate on scope?

It wouldn’t be a teaser then. :wink:

it’s unbound but it has a command