Does Cooking Break Thermodynamics

Obviously cooking meat or bread over a fire will increase its caloric value, what I’m referring to is, for example, assembling a sandwich.

No chemical/state change was done to the ingredients, so therefore the total caloric value should remain the same.

Just curious.

Just to state that cooking is not the only thing irl that increases calories. Cutting and tenderizing meat does it, grinding flour, etc. Not sure regarding your specific question though, should be pretty quick to test.


It’s not that it literally increases the calories in the food: from my understanding it makes it easier for your body to use the calories in the food, increasing the net calories, since you have to use some calories to digest the food.


Here’s a brief look at what i was referring to.

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If the sandwich has no raw ingredients or does not involve heating, it will have calories as a sum of it’s components. (With the additional caveat that it must not have the NUTRIENT_OVERRIDE flag)

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