Does anyone know what the definition of the 'using' key in json is?

I can’t find it anywhere and it’s a bit confusing. For example the sheet_metal recipes in this file:

in one it uses ‘steel_standard’ like this:

"using": [ [ "forging_standard", 5 ], [ "steel_standard", 6 ] ],

and in another it’s a component:

"components": [ [ [ "sheet_metal_small", 24 ] ] ]

I would think that the steel_standard should be in ‘components’ rather then ‘using’.

I have seen cooking oil in the ‘using’ key when using it to cook something. In that case I wouldn’t call it a component since it is not necessarily consumed by the result. But if the ingredient is part of the result shouldn’t it be in ‘components’ rather then ‘using’?

Using is how you specify that it should use a requirement.
These can be compnents, in which cause you can put them in components like this
[ "requirement", number, "LIST" ],
but they can also have tools and qualities, like this one.

Handled in the code around here

Thanks for the reply. It’s more clear to me now. I am actually working on some item weights and was wondering if components in ‘using’ should always count towards the total resulting weight. Seems to me like that is the case.