Does anyone Have a copy of 8212? I'm looking for a build that runs malkeus's lazy updates

This post is pretty much what it says on the tin, I’ve looked for it in the repo, but none of the .8 builds go earlier than 85XX. Does anyone have copy of 8166 or 8212 floating around on their hard drive? Or otherwise have a way to access either of build 8212 or 8166, which the mod is confirmed to run on? The launcher does not work on my computer (instant low memory crash) and wayback machine does not preserve the download for these builds.

Side note: as the chance with someone with those two precise builds would manifest is quite slim (but non-zero) you can technically build the game yourself at that point in time.

e.g. for 8212 the Jenkins matrix gives you the exact revision ,which in this case is e4d05a477c2bedc018b5444a17bfad55c5b9a4d2.

Once you have that hash you can “go back” in the git history with just a few commands (bascially git checkout e4d05a477) and compile the game for yourself.

neitsa@eagle ~/mnt/k/cdda/Cataclysm-DDA (master)
$ git show e4d05a477c2bedc018b5444a17bfad55c5b9a4d2
commit e4d05a477c2bedc018b5444a17bfad55c5b9a4d2
Merge: 58807ac9a7 07e8f24ec5
Author: ZhilkinSerg <>
Date:   Sun Nov 25 13:10:37 2018 +0300

    Merge pull request #26815 from NotFuji/milstuff

    Updated military and police professions

The instructions for compiling the game are available here. If you are on Windows you can just install Visual Studio Community and follow scrupulously the instructions.

Someone could obviously do it for you. But even if you’re not tech-savvy I think you would gain some knowledge from that experience, simply because once you know how to do it, you can go anywhere in the game history and compile the game for yourself. Big plus, this knowledge applies to all open source projects! If you feel you’d like to this by yourself, I’m sure the people on the discord server would be happy to guide you.

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I have similar problem.
But I can confirm that most of these mods, except the one that merge spawn list, work in 8926 with a error only in a battery.
Also in the gitHub of Malkeus you can find updates.

You can also peek here:

I have zips of 8168 and 8211, and a few in between, if one of those would work I could put it up on a google drive for a bit.

the self-compile option hasn’t worked for me, but 8211 will work with the mods there.
if you could put those up, I’d appreciate it.

Should be up here

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Danke Schön! The build runs, the mods work. Thanks again for the help.