Do you need special wheels to make your car move with electricity?

I’ll try and get said screen shot when I’m back home, but I do indeed have vehicle controls too. I have gasoline, a working engine, a car battery with charge, steerable wheels. Since motorcycles are thing, I assume it isn’t completely needed to have 4 wheels. For some reason I simply can’t make it work anymore, would the pedals from back when it was a regular bike help?

What exactly is the message that comes up when you try to control it? Does it simply not do anything, or can you enter the vehicle control mode but not accelerate, or what?

It doesn’t seem to be willing to let me ‘sit’ on it. I have a seat on it whether that is needed or not, and also a seat-belt. I can us ‘^’ on the tile with the engine and it starts up just fine, but getting into the driver seat in the first place, not just moving is the problem. I might be okay if the game would let me sit :frowning:

You do need a seat, but it sounds like you have that covered. Obviously, the controls and the seat need to be on the same tile, but that should be sufficient, as long as they’re both working (not greyed out).

You’re using the part called “Vehicle controls” and not “Electronics Control Unit” right? What happens if you stand adjacent to the tile with the controls, and use E to examine the tile?

It’s just called ‘controls,’ but it is made out of vehicle controls. What does the electronic control unit do anyway? I actually have both installed since I wasn’t sure what to do. I’ll have to use ‘e’ later to find out what it says since I’m not able to access the game at this very moment. Everything is in the green as a matter of fact, since I fixed up all the things I scavenged.

Yeah, that’s the right one. No idea why it’s not working. A screenshot might help, especially of the tile with the controls. I wonder if you have both an electronic control unit and a regular controls in the same tile, and they’re interfering with each other?

An electronics control unit pretty much does what it says on the tin: It lets you control the vehicle’s electronics, such as lighting, minifridges etc, but not drive the vehicle. A regular controls does all the same things, but lets you drive the vehicle as well. The electronics control unit is mostly meant for large vehicles with multiple “rooms”, to let you control things when you’re not in the main cabin.

What is the exact sentence I am looking for? The things that show up when I press ‘^’ on it are as follows:
e Turn off engine
d Turn on dome lights
c Enable cruise control
K Remember vehicle position
y Control individual engines

You are now driving. Push the up arrow or numpad 8 to increase speed, the down arrow or numpad 2 to decrease speed. Pass your turn(. or numpad 5) for the car to actually move. Stear with the left and right arrow keys or numpad 4 and 6 keys.

Edit: If your driving skill is low expect to lose control often resulting in the car vearing directions you didn’t tell it to go or suddenly increasing or decreasing speed without you telling it to.

Don’t forget that since Cruise Control is currently disabled, the vehicle will steadily gravitate toward “0” speed from forward or from reverse. It has to be enabled through that menu to make the vehicle maintain a speed when you accelerate.

In my experience, and I always start every game with 0 driving, veering away never really happens anymore, but that may just be me. Also, Num Lock should be enabled if you’re using the Num Pad to to drive.

Finally got it to work! Would a simple spike in the front of it be enough to kill an eyebot without too much damage?
Edit: Oh my gosh! Just accidentally rammed into a tough zombie with immediately proceed to explode in meaty pieces. That. Was. Awesome.

Personally I WANT cruise control to be enabled, since ‘gliding’ can be kinda useful when you want a little extra speed but don’t want to lose a lot from reversing.