Do Sickles and Scythes have literally any purpose?

Sickles and Scythes seem to have no purpose. IRL, they’re very effective and specialized tools for the purposes they have; purposes which are extant in CDDA, but as near as I can tell, you can cut grass or cereal crops just as effectively with literally any blade that has Cutting 1. As far as I can tell, in fact, a War Scythe can do everything a Scythe can do as effectively if not moreso, given that it’s a superior weapon and a superior butchering tool, despite having had the blade remounted to be more of a polearm.

What I’m saying is, should I just chuck my sickles into the steel reclaimator?

here’s a nice, new use for your scythes at least d:

Probably, though making them really effective at harvesting grains is certainly something that would be reasonable to add in the future.