Do Music morale effects stack?

So my brain thought it was a good idea to have an acoustic guitar, a harmonica with a holder, and an MP3 Player active at the same time for morale reasons and reading.

I looked at the morale screen and am unsure what to make of it since I don’t know how much morale I get from even one of these things.

Yes it does, but how does it affect I could not say. I don’t think that they stak-up.

Figuring out how much one adds should be as easy as turning one off and checking the morale screen again…

A tip though. See that icon above your character’s head? That’s the deafened icon. MP3 player deafens the character to the sounds in the world around them so technically should only have that morale from the MP3 player.

If that’s how it actually works in that situation though… <shrug>


Yeah I found out that I actually deafened myself after posting.

Quite dumb of me I know.

That’s hilarious actually.

I’m just imagining a dude with the whole Bob Dylan setup just haphazardly playing away because he can’t hear since he’s listening to new age speed polka on full blast in his earbuds.

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Would make a good meme for that Dank Days Ahead dude.

I’ve experimented on playing with the harmonica and guitar (without the mp3 player) and found that the morale doesn’t stack up.

I wonder if you could make your survivor group do an orchestra.

I mean, you’re half way towards a one man band right there, just need some cymbals strapped to your knees and a tin plate to tap on with your foot.

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Every now and then when plucking away at a guitar I think I need to train Art up for a better mood boost from music performance. (Rimworld)

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