Do any weapons cause cold damage?

I’ve been searching around and all I could find so far was the Heat Drain CBM, but the cold damage seems to be more of a side effect.

My question is of there are any other sources of cold damage available to the player, or how difficult would it be to make it available (since cold damage is in damage.h with the other types)?

I know there are a couple that do shock damage, but I am not aware of any cryogenic weapons in the base game or its packaged mods.

Cold damage doesn’t really exist, though you could probably fudge it with heat damage since resistance is going to be largely the same.

This would be a nice addition, attacking enemies with cryo weapons would lower their speed and eventually stop them in their tracks, allowing you to get up close without them ever having a chance.

There is a specific “cold” damage type in the c++ code, I believe someone took the fire damage from there years ago and brought it to the JSONs.

There is cold damage in game, the heat drain CMB does it (one point anyways) and cold takes away a flat amount of movement instead of the normal percentage speed malus from other types. I think that is a really interesting contrast.

I have no coding experience though so that was as far into the code I could dive and understand. Since I recognize some of you guys I guess trying to figure out how to get the cold damage in game would be the next step, as i believe your game experience.

Maybe I could look at how coolthulu? Brought over fire damage and study/borrow the code for cold, but my inexperience makes that a iffy proposition.

@darktoes, we needs the crossbow reload speed mods! (Big fan of the archery overhaul, thanks for your work!)

I’m waiting on the ranged damage equation before I start going ham on archery. Should be sometimes soon though. That and my final exam in a couple of days…

Years ago when I was modding for Fallout 3. I came up with Cryo-Grenades. Looks like a small standard pineapple style F1, only blue. The idea was to use a small pressure explosion that would stun and release a highly concentrated liquid nitrogen to freeze and cause scrap metal shrapnel and ice crystal shards.

People really liked it alot. Just don’t over think it if anyone wants to use the idea.

It’s making the cold damage type available to use that is difficult, and I think beyond my ability unfortunately.

The effects could possibly be replicated, especially if sap or sludge fields can be created by the player to slow targets down.

My idea + blue cloud instead of red for explosions. Then replace standard heat damage with cold and a smaller radius.