Distrction Manager enemy spoted turned off ruins safe mode

Hello folks.

I like to turn off the “enemy detected” option in the distraction manager when I have a firefight.
The problem is, if I forget to turn the option back on, safe mode no longer strikes when an enemy is within the set range.

Is there any way to make it so that I’m not constantly interrupted by new enemies in the firefight and the safe mode still works normally?

Unfortunately, no.

This is mostly because your

is too vague.

It’s hard to determine if current game turn is still a firefight or it’s already ended. For example, is having some slow, low hp, melee only, without any special attacks monster two tiles from you should be treated as “still having a firefight”? You may think “of course the firefight has ended, this sucker not worth the effort to kill it at all, I’ll just walk away from it, so turn the “enemy spotted” distraction back on”. Or you may think “of course the firefight is still going on, don’t you see this sucker right here, every firefight hasn’t ended until every last one of them ain’t dead yet.”

So until someone (you, for example) provide us with a foolproof method of determining of an “end of a firefight”, my only recommendation is “don’t forget to turn distractions back on”.

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