Disease comes back

Not sure what enjoyment there is in dealing with the flu in mid-late game. You just take some cough syrup. It really only has a major effect at the start, like in VBD, where it’s incidentally also realistic.

You can’t just shout “suspension of disbelief” as an argument.

Also just because the mycus can do it doesn’t mean the flu would be able to as well. The flu is a terrestrial contagion, while the mycus is an invader from outside our universe. Its rules are totally different, and it’s easier to suspend disbelief with a strange thing from beyond than with something as mundane and familiar as the flu.

It’s a video game. I can shout suspension of disbelief as a valid argument all day long. @kevin.granade? Is it unreasonable to presume among other things that a strain of flu can exist in the Cataverse that doesn’t adhere to anything the CDC says about know flu strains? Or is my argument (which is contrary to most my arguments on here since I advocate realism in engineering and mechanics) a bad call because real viruses should be accurately modeled in a video game about the zombie apocalypse from another dimension.

The cold and flu in the game are officially symptoms of latent blob infection that every survivor has. When the players immune system weakens, symptoms start to appear.

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Nailed it. (With extra characters oh god Kevin make it so we can post shorter comments)

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i think there should be a ‘severity’ with cold and flu. i had a flu and yes for a day i was basically bedridden, but the next i could move around and do basic tasks, and the next day i was mostly better but had to blow my nose constantly. basically it should have an “onset” stage which causes the [flu] status to start rapidly counting up, so you aren’t ina fight and suddenly you get a flu and are killed becuase you are now overloaded and your options are try to flee and run out of stamina or drop things and let them take free shots. anyway, it starts counting upward quickly, if you can get to a medication quickly at this stage you can mitigate it, as in prevent it from hitting maximum severity. after that it starts ticking downward at a rate based on health and what activities you perform. doing anything ‘stressful’ negates the downward ticking and doing another while it’s paused causes a few upticks, i would define stressful as things like combat or intense crafting or reading any book that has a negative morale modifier. would say most craft would be considered intense, the things that arn’t would mostly be simple cooking (ie boiled noodles and clean water). let’s say severity goes from 0-100, then 90-100 would be bedridden, and at 0-9 you would have no symptoms (but are still vulnerable to stress effects), the 0-9 is also the ‘grace period’ when you catch it to finish up whatever you may be doing and get to a safe place before the ticker gets too high.

It’s not an argument, though. It’s just saying “stop noticing it.” An argument would be based on desirable gameplay effects, or lore reasons, or something. You can’t just say “suspension of disbelief” and leave it at that.

The beginning of that statement was actually based on the lore on why the cold and flu still exists as confirmed by Kevin, thus why I said, suspension of disbelief.

Yes…a humorous idea and concept. Sadly people took the joke too far and now we have religion >_<

How much time does it need to be for it to be considered Thread Necromancy? I assume it is just some sort of abstract guestimate or something along those lines.