Discourse hosting is being terminated, fundraising successful

Are there any additional things you need to keep the site running or that would assist development, like hardware, or software that needs to have paid licensing? I might be able to contribute a bit more on occasion, but they would have to be one time expenditures.

I’m pretty comitted to using open source software, so there’s nothing to license.

The complete list of expenses for the project as of now are:
Hosting for forums.
Hosting for Jenkins build (this is donated by @Narc0tiq, i would be interested in covering his costs if donors were ok with it).
The cataclysmdda.org domain, this is only like $15 a year.
Compute resources I use for building and testing, about $40 a month.

I can chip in if need be, definitely dont mind supporting a game I’ve played for years. Edit, just saw the patron page, :slight_smile:

As far as I think, any money donated would go to any and everything project related, regardless of location. But if you do a poll, throw my vote to: all uses as you see fit.

Thank you everyone who has signed up to donate. Its looking very good to cover the costs, and I’ll start the process of migrating the forums.

I’ll also continue to look into ads for the forums as a more equitable and future-proof alternative.

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ahh good news… more refreshing than a winter wind.

i’ll be waiting for the ads to come so the forum will have new and fresh look, plus ads.

heyyy, wheres my patron badge/label xD

Everyone is missing the big opportunity here, we just turn CDDA into a monthy subscription ser-Reflexively shoots self

edit- It really just hit me how what everyone working on CDDA is doing, is above and in many ways beyond what the gaming companies(including a fair amount of independent studios) could ever hope to accomplish. A sincere hearty thanks to Kevin and all the other devs(I don’t know all your names sadly). You all consistently succeed where multi-billion dollar companies continue to fail and the only thing you charge us is the obsessive amount of time we all sink into the game, haha. Thank you for keeping decent gaming alive. I really mean it, much gratitude. :smiley:

Maybe I’m missing something but does this forum do something that https://www.reddit.com/r/cataclysmdda/ doesn’t?

There is the bit about it not being on Reddit, and being its own, self navigable site. Which CAN have some perks

  • 5 years of posting history.
  • Better searchability.
  • Better interface.
  • Better community management options.

You forgot “Not on reddit” as a pro.


I think that might have been a continuation of what I was saying, deliberate or otherwise, so not necessary to relist:

Not being on Reddit, own self nagigatable site which can have some perks of its own:

  • 5 years of post history
  • Better searchability… etc

Also, despite being so popular, I find Reddit to be hideous and hard to navigate. This forum looks a lot nicer.


honestly, i think both are hidious. i prefer something more like smf.