Disconnecting vehicle batteries

Short story first:
Today I found an electric car. It was in good shape, had multiple working panels, two batteries with plenty of charge and engine in perfect shape.

But the car doesn’t recharge the batteries at all.

It has two batteries and the panels will recharge the topmost battery first and then the lower battery. But the topmost battery is nearly destroyed and leaks out the charge faster than the panels recharge while the bottom battery is in perfect condition but receives no recharging.

And since the storage batteries have so high lifting requirement I can’t remove the faulty battery.

And this brings us to the suggestion: just like engines can be controlled individually the batteries should be disconnectable without removing them.

Doing this action could require low electronics skill, take some time and maybe also require a screw drive.

Can you just smash the tile the battery is on until it’s destroyed?

That could have worked. But the battery case was in perfect condition so I didn’t want to damage it. After days of material gathering I managed to make telescopic crane and swapped the faulty battery out.

Car battery wires are usually held by nuts, so you’ll need pliers or a wrench, not a screwdriver. Other that that, it’s a great idea.

In this case he’s talking about storage batteries which would be more like the great big Lithium Ion ones you get in Teslas. A screwdriver or a wrench would probably be just as likely, but it’s far more likely that there’s just a button on it somewhere.