Charging standard car batteries

I’m lost on how to charge standard car batteries without using jumper cables. My car’s alternator, battery, and engine are all green. I have plenty of gas. However, leaving my engine running results in my battery draining rapidly. I also can’t replenish it with regular batteries, despite many people saying you can. I’m running the latest Experimental build. Is there any way to charge a car battery without jumper cables?

In the latest experimental they changed being able to charge cars with batteries. A better solution, rip a car battery out of a different car, and plug it into your car. It is one of the easiest things (skills and tools wise).

Could be faulty engine.
If the engine isn’t faulty, it may be a bug - a functional engine with a functional alternator and no dysfunctional batteries should generate a big surplus of power.

Is the serpentine belt intact? I’m easing back into it and saw a simplified vehicle mod in the experimental (no need to hunt down consumables like filters and belts) so I went with that, if you’re not running it I’d start by looking for a new belt to "m"end I believe is the command. Check garages. Either that or it is in fact a bug.

Did you, by any chance, commandeer an electric car and added a gasoline engine and a fuel tank in it?
If not, then more details are needed. Default name of the car? What modifications have you done to it? Engine name?
Your problem is obviously power drain, not recharging.

Until we find the reason for the drain, any recharge help is useless.