Disassembling an MRE

Is disassembling an MRE supposed to make you lose half the ingredients? I think it’s trying to reverse craft it or something, vs just opening the damn thing. Activating does nothing, eating is not possible, etc. I used the 'D’isassemble from the inventory menu.

I would’ve posted a picture but it says the upload folder is full? It’s a 40kb file.

I am able to disassemble MREs succesfully without losing items. To share a picture, uploading it else where and using the [img.][/img.] is required.

Disassembly is the correct (and only) procedure to open MREs.
I doubt that you lost anything but in case you did, which items did you lose, or didn’t get?
Was the MRE damaged before you opened it? (assuming that affects)

I don’t think I’ve ever lost anything from an MRE, or at least I’ve always gotten the main course and a heat pack. I suspect the rest of the stuff varies per MRE type, but I haven’t checked the game files.

Damaged item disassembly destroys some items.

Damage makes sense. Is there any way to repair them then, perhaps with plastic?

It’s quite unrealistic; I recall someone describing it roughly like “If you dismantle a damaged MRE you will lose food, but if you solder it first the food will have been there all the time”. But it does work.

Maybe when we get proper containers it will improve. We could then make damaged MREs just start rotting.

Are you calling me insane then for knowing how to fix losing food? Hmmmmm?

Weren’t MREs made of paper previously? I mean, you can’t fix paper, right? Or were MREs always plastic? Changing the material to something unfixable could be a quick and cheap first-aid measure.

But I like the idea more that the contents of damaged MREs would just start to rot.

dont bssiç repair kits fix paper? not sure if its worth it @ 50 charges an attempt though

MREs are made of plastic in the real world just as they are in the game, not paper.

Even if the outer packaging is damaged, each food has its own sealed packaging; it makes a degree of sense that some items might be edible, while some might be inedible due to that damage.

A flag to prevent repairing them would be the simplest solution.