Disappointed in road roller

I found a road roller in very good condition so I took it for a spin.

Specifically, I drove it over a patch of road that was being constructed with a load of ‘mound of dirt’ tiles.

It doesn’t flatten them. I mean, that’s literally it’s only job. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That was in the old days. In our time, its only job is flattening zombies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yup, those monster steel drums do a helluva lot of damage. Not practical in any way to use on a deathmobile, but they are still sooo cool for running through zombies!

I’ll look into adding something to make road rollers flatten dirt mounds, but it’s not going to happen until after 0.F releases.


If I may add to this - as it’s on my personal todo list, albeit pretty much at the end of it - that all car tires should have at least a chance to flatten/compact dirt mounds, probably based on the vehicles weight.

This would also make farming more… interesting/challenging and realistic, as you either have to leave empty spots for the tractor’s tires or construct a monster vehicle that does everything in one go.

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…why? one of default tractor configs is already made so the wheels don’t overlap with seed drills. Maybe not just one, even.

If you go with the primitive tractor, which has only a plow and planter, you can / need to drive down every row. Nothing prevents you from doing this.

And you can just drive your car all over your field in the winter without any consequences.