Shrub buster on the vehicle?

You know what to do, shrub are one problem on the outside, it could damage you vehicle if you drive too fast, even 32 KM and it can still damage the vehicle

So I think if we can make a shrub buster on the vehicle to avoid this happen…

Isn’t this what the ram is?

Or one of those lovely roller drums you “borrow” from a steamroller.

Rams still get pretty well dmg after a while…

Well, someone has to do something about the shrub, I feel It just dosn’t right about the damage on the vehicle

Wasn’t this problem already fixed in experimentals?

Not unless the repo has undone it. You can still get a massively screwed up vehicle by hitting shrubs.

Well, I mean, your headlights are toast sometimes. But I’m not sure that isn’t something that doesn’t happen in real life if you ram into a shrub with a car. Its now generally somewhat superficial damage, but I wish that the rollers were properly invincible as far as terrain damage goes.

I mean, why can’t I make a road through a forest with a road roller?

trees are surprisingly resilient.

still, rollers should be almost invincible to shrubs, i agree.

Once my character is properly end-game enough I intend to make a nice slow moving superdozer-somtheing-or-another that can just trash everything in front of my mobile base. (superdozer being drive-by-wire while I put along behind it of coarse, and possibly with another super-looter drive-by-wiring behind me)

Are you telling me that my dreams are still to big for the game?

Well… This works for that.

Its broken(gameplay wise), and relies on the fact that frames can’t really be destroyed if they leave a part of the vehicle unattached to the whole. So, bumper time anyone?

so what your saying is just leave the front of the brush buster empty, and let it get all torn up because it won’t break as long as its keeping other pieces attached?

Hmm, If your going to fast and hit stuff even buffering the ram from the rest of the vehicle like that still won’t keep gas tanks from exploding/ rest of the vehicle from taking some damage right?

Also, is it possible to drive a vehicle while drive-by-wireing another vehicle? You know as long as both are going straight and driving skill is good enough to keep them doing so? I guess what I am asking is can you switch between controls fast enough (or even possible to do so) to keep them both going straight.