Disable bullet animation?

Basically what title says. How do I disable bullet/projectile animation? It gets pretty annoying after a while.

Go to settings menu and disable projectile animation on graphics tab.

I’m using latest stable, and there is no such option present:

I guess it is Tiles-only option.

Nope, wrong again. I’m playing with tiles. Looks like it just didn’t make it into “release” of 0.D - I’ve just compiled the latest version from Github, and option is present. Shame it’s not in release, tho.

There is very little reason to play on stable branches. The game is pretty stable, and if you to release you are likely going to face plenty of bugs that have been fixed. The only downside (and good thing…) from the latest builds is that since the development is so fast, the game is going to change if you update in the same play through.

A good rule of thumb is updating each time you start a new world, unless you see there was a bug or new future implemented in the meantime.

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You can merge https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/28691 to 0.D.

There is very little reason to play on stable branches. The game is pretty stable…

Except when it hangs because you tried to cut a log, or because they can add new “features” (like the autoclave for CBM implants) without much warning and you like to have documentation…

or because you need three doctorates to understand the new hunger system :laughing:


There are multiple versions between stable and current master - pick any.

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I think those are more reasons to play in the latest version. Unless you are willing to stay in the current stable and not update to the next one. Otherwise you will have to relearn a lot more of the game. Without waiting too long, it is much easier to find the relevant PR and see what changed and how. Try finding relevant changes from 1+ year ago on github and you will spend a lot of time, specially since the changes happen across multiple different PR.

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I think yours is a good point, but don’t ask me. I’m still playing the 40d version of Dwarf Fortress because “it was good enough for me and didn’t want to relearn all mechanics” :laughing:

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Oh man. You are in for a treat when/if you eventually update. The good thing is that you won’t really have to relearn the UI, haha.

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