Directional Drop Difficulties

Full replacment of the issue. It seems my directional drop is totally broked worse than i thought. I actually can’t drop in any of the cardinal directions and it missing those locations, such as trunks entirely and instead dropping under or beside ovens/trunks is actually the issue.

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Are you using the advanced inventory, or are you trying to use the D function? To drop things below you you should just be able to use d

I’m using the D function. It seems to only be dropping diagonally and I can’t for the life of my get it to go where I want it.

Maybe there is no space left on the tile or perhaps something else is going on. Try using advanced inventory to put it there.

A user on another thread managed to help me. There’s an option in the Interface menu I needed to turn off so arrow keys go horizontally instead of diagonally. Seems a really weird option to have but atleast it’s functional.

Well they only go horizontally if you fail to release the shift key.