Did the rules & guidelines for the various sections get removed/changed?

Can’t seem to find where the posting guidelines for verious thread secions went like the Pinned topic for The Drawing Board. Was going to quote it for The extremes of vehicle design (and how it’s lacking) but I can’t seem to find the guidlines thread. Thought it was pinned, so did it get moved? Cursory search doesn’t find me the topics that were linked to it either.

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Here’s FMS:

I don’t know what the deal with it is, because they’re supposed to be pinned, but they don’t act like that at all.
You can see most of them here https://discourse.cataclysmdda.org/search?q=About%20the%20category

I think it has something to do with the site hiding read topics by default.

Makes sense. I’ll see if I can follow or like it or something to make it easier to find in the future

Edit: apparently the post became “unpinned” for me. Didin’t realize that was a thing.