Did someone forget about pockets?

looks better than in was looking in my head, but i do not sure that holsters and sheaths need change, they feel nice in way it works now
and it look like simple inventory will mostly look like it look now but for controling what is where adv inventory is used and this should make everyone happy because moving items will be not too hard and game will be still playable without it


(btw i should have deleted one item from the pants (as is i’ve left 5 items in a 4/4 pack) :slight_smile:

Only the fact that it’s the code, not the UI that’s holding things up.

True, the code itself might be harder than the UI, assuming we’ve hit upon a viable way to do it.

change like that if finished will be worth new stable wersion just for this

That and the expansions to NPCs and z-levels. >.>

Only the fact that it’s the code, not the UI that’s holding things up.[/quote]

Haven’t forgot that, and i’m afraid i cannot back it up with a PR.
I have not enough time and brainpower for my thesis as it is :frowning:
But at least with plausible ideas, someone else might find it worth it to work on it.

[quote=“jcd, post:5, topic:10715”]what i would really love to see implemented for inventory is an adaptation of this:


Is this Battletoads?

No, it’s Mortal Wombat. :V

jcd, your image host is terrible, “bandwidth exceeded”

it used to be ok awhile back… so i’ll have to move hosts :frowning:

Weird, that screenshot has been displaying fine on my end. >_>

[quote=“Random_dragon, post:10, topic:10715”]…but player characters aren’t multi-tile creatures.

We can’t all be dragons. o3o[/quote]
But, if under the surface, we treat it that way. They may not take up more than one tile in the world surface, but somewhere else it could be treated as it is.

Is there any actual reason to worry about the inventory system any further other than sheer compulsive nitpicking? What do we actually gain from the game tracking which pocket your lighter is in?

The only benefit I see is the ability to drop a backback filled with items, DF-style.

Assuming we ape Dwarf Fortress in that regard, it would be highly useful, but the only real good reason to make the system more complex. <.<

Say you are shot in to pocket x which is filled with nervous explosives----> fun

That would be a bit too much Fun.

Being able to drop a backpack when jumped by an enemy, to lose torso encumbrance, and not have to pick everything back up afterward would be nifty. Plus that allows you more control, as autodropping stuff due to volume loss could make you dump something you were about to need. :V

Most people would call very nearly everything in this game “sheer compulsive nitpicking”, and most people are also idiots. But to answer the less pointless question you asked, you gain consistency. One side effect of this is what Random_dragon pointed out, “when you drop an article of clothing, the right stuff gets dropped with it”. Another effect is that large items would stop being impossibly split between a number of different containers, yet another is enabling features like quick and slow access to parts of your inventory. If you have spare rounds for your revolver in a shirt pocket or on a belt or bandoleer, you should have very fast access to them, but that fast access storage space is very limited, so you’d make tradeoffs about where different items in your inventory go based on how fast you need access to them. The same applies for holsters and sheaths, although they’re quite a special case, where with the inventory overhauled as I’m planning to do that kind of thing applies to all your storage, not just a special case here or there. For most characters, you’d just want to make sure your main weapons are always where you can get at them easily, and maybe maintain a bag of stuff you need to drop if you need to switch to melee, but some players might want to micromanage where all their stuff goes, and that’s a reasonable thing to do (as long as it stays optional, which it will).

Yeeesss. Someday, I can drop a backpack when I’m in danger of being moose’d.

I think it could work sort of like vehicle inventories work on the main game screen, 'cept, ofc, this would be an adaptation of it, for an inventory screen.

Each pocket would have its own carrying capacity, along with a max size reference S/M/L/XL (1:2:4:8) and you could move stuff around like you do with advanced inventory management. Being naked, only 2 slots for the hands would be available.
It would MAYBE need an ascii mannequin, with classical RPG style slots. Jagged Alliance 2 changed the available slots numbers and sizes depending on what the player is wearing.
Currently, CATA allows wearing multiple pieces of clothing over each other, like 3 sets of pants or whatnot. I don’t know how feasible it would be to limit it to one item of clothing per body part, per layer, so the inventory management becomes easier. If people really want to cart stuff around, they can always use a duffel bag or a cart.

@ 2/3 Helmet netting (S) : pack of cigarettes (2)

  • v - 0.5/1 Mail carrier shirt (M): aspirin (2)
    || 2/4 Mail carrier shirt (S): aspirin (2)
    •  0.25/1 Cargo pants (X): aspirin (1)   //leg pouch
       2/2 Cargo pants (S): aspirin (2)        //pockets


Just to avoid confusion, the first x/x numbers represent how full is the slot, then the name of the garment it is on, then the max size the slot accepts, then the contents of the slot (pocket). all items in the example above are S (small).
It ca be prolly handled a bit better GUI wise, this is just a quick example.