Diabetic Trait?

My fiance is diabetic and would struggle like hell to cope with her diabetes in am apocolypse. I think it would be a cool scenario to simulate though, have to test sugar levels, find insulin and manage food intake. Any thoughts?

Type 1 is a deathsentence, Type 2 needs keepin the health up.
And the third type…well first we need pregnant survivors.

Working on it. But geez, they do break easily.

As a Type-1 myself, it would be interesting to play. It’s a death sentence though in an apocalypse. There’s a ton of micromanagement involved that might not be fun if the player has to manage manually. A Type-2 might survive, I think, if you could call that living. Survival might require finding a cure somehow within a time limit through mutation or augmentation, raiding pharmacies and hospitals for insulin with only a few months at most before they are all spoiled.

Wouldn’t the stem cell treatment machine in hospitals allow some kind of overhaul of the pancreas?

If it did, why would anyone have diabetes?

Because some auto-immune disease keeps killing them beta cells? So pre-war using insulin might have been cheaper than periodic expensive stem cell treatments.

Well, they would never let you use that thing because insulin shots are more profitable.

Being type 2, i just don’t eat sugar stuff in the game, and it is really fun. Unless i need some sugar rush to run. As in real life, i starve a lot, though, hahaha.
Type 1 would need another hidden variable, that would give you near sight and dizziness if the variable goes negative. Could result in death if not treated with the insulin shot, that would boost this variable. Of cours, eating sugar or things with it would make it go negative. Imo, it wouldn’t be hard, but i don’t know the code of the game.

Because people who keep buying medicine (/unhealthy food/“diet pills”/homeopathy/etc.) are better consumers than healthy people.

Exactly. Same thing with other tougher diseases. It’s a sad truth.

Going back to topic, it would be a nice addition.

Possibly lots of work, though.

Someone would have to somehow assign sugar value to everything, preferably in a way that doesn’t require new additions to be screened just for that one single variable that won’t matter in most cases.
This would probably involve somehow grading item’s sugar value based on its material (wheat, junk food, fruit), state of matter (liquid/solid), stim value, nutrition and possibly some other stats.

Also, the blood sugar would probably need to be tied to nutrition somehow. If it dropped as fast as morale, it would be really hard to keep up (for those who want it up) and really easy to keep down (tedious, though). Better yet: tied to nutrition and stamina regeneration (actually regenerated stamina, not 10/turn), so that you could keep it up by sitting down.