Design direction of the game

I’ve been playing the game for some years and have been lurking in the forums for a while, and decided to make an acc for some questions that i’ve had since some time ago.

When I first found cataclysm it setting was in the not so far future, just grounded enough so that you can be familiar and identify with the time period, but just as futuristic as it having some cool gadget and experimental futuristic weapon or technology here and there (like CBMs or laser weapons) and has a great balance. But i’ve been lurking for a while and, i think, ive seeng new stuff added to the realism of the world and mostly current time facilities and items, i was wondering if the vision for the setting of the game is changing to a more “current” time setting or still maintaining and adding to the scifi aspect of the world.

And on an unrelated note, is there a post that has a list of the major new experimental features that are added to the game? sometimes i don’t play for months and when i jump back in is like a completely different game, its a great surprise, but kinda get lost on what new things i can or can’t do. Sorry if I have bad english, not my native language.

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This. The current time setting in the game is “slightly ahead of current IRL year”.


Also we have a design document now.


Great! This acutally answers a lot of questions on other topics too.
And this exists since… oh, at least summer 2019.

…Welp, I’ve never saw this until now… what a shame.
Thank you for the link.

Thanks! missed that one.

Thank you! it clears a lot of things.