Desert_test Build 468, Strawberries

I know it’s a test and very new (also very awesome, I prefer it to the heavily forested NE setting), but I keep finding strawberries throughout the desert terrain. Just figured I’d mention it.

Yeah that was meant as a rare once in a blue moon how the heck did -that- happen thing. I wasn’t stingy enough with the numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t think people would play in desert_test much (it needs work). Nerfing berries!

So this little gem is your baby huh? Nice work! I am pretty much sworn off the NE setting for now so I’ll be sure to chime in with any other oddities I see in desert_test.

Another I’ve seen… wildlife seems to be very abundant as well as being the standard NE varieties. Maybe drop spawn rates on everything (eliminating some like bears) and reskin squirrels as something like prairie dogs. I don’t know, I don’t live in the desert so I’m no arid wildlife expert. Rain seems as common too, though I’m only a few days in so maybe it’s RNG trickery.

I am very much impressed with this so far, it’s pretty amazing how much of a different tone just changing the base terrain does. Random ideas: Sandstorms - blocks visibility/does cutting damage if they are fierce enough, has a chance to damage items left in outdoor terrain (or just make them disappear?).

Back to the wasteland!

Yeah the region system is a big WIP but weather / spawns / etc are part of that todo list. The eventual goal is to have a regional map where you can, for example, start a game in a huge zed filled city in the desert, and if you survive make it to a nice temperate rainforest next to the coast.

+9001. I think this is what I’m most looking forward too. If you get chance, is it possibly to lower the building spawns a bit in the desert maps? As ‘tedious’ as I’m sure some people will say it is, I think scarcity/long distances should be a big issue for desert parts.