Deleting my helicopter's turrets renders the helicopter unusable

I was wondering if there is a way to fix it or how I can reactivate the flight option or is it a bug in the game

Start a race on the aircraft carrier and after a long time of eliminating the enemies of each plant I managed to find an Apache helicopter on the top floor after a long time I also managed to raise most of the important loot and among this I found two browning machine guns, which made me want to change the two miniguns of the Apache for these for the issue of saving ammunition and greater damage

But the problem comes when I try to uninstall the minigun from the helicopter, it gives me a warning that if I uninstall it the helicopter will no longer be fit to fly, I thought it was a balance issue so I proceeded and uninstalled the two miniguns that I pose (one on each side) and tried to fly it, the engine started, But when I tried to lift myself the helicopter did not move and told me that the vehicle is not fit to fly

It seems totally illogical, since what you are disassembling are the side turrets of the helicopter, all other parts including the rotor are in perfect condition.

It specifically warns you this will happen. Not a bug.

Irl just changing the seats of a plane, for exemple, can take half a year. It takes all that long time because changes have to take aerodynamics and all that into account.

But it would not simply be weight changes that would not affect much?, in the case of turrets, there are several helicopters of the same type with different configurations of turrets, in fact the turret mounts in helicopters are made so that they can be disassembled and reassembled such configurations, so the fact of disabling the helicopter just by disassembling the turrets if it is something quite illogical since it really does affect a little to aerodynamics, But not in a way that makes it impossible to fly, as I say, there are several configurations in the turrets of helicopters, even without turrets can fly perfectly

And in terms of the chairs, it really affects so much?, I say a helicopter is designed to be able to have some cargo, even tons, for cargo models whether military or civilian, and because the combat ones can carry ammunition and personnel turrets (so a maximum weight must have, but having a very low maximum weight would be extremely dangerous so by a little logic, At least it should be able to load a little more than its standard design supports), so logically I very much doubt that it really fatally affects the aerodynamics of a helicopter to reduce a few kilos or increase a few, since it would be within the operating range of this

In addition, what most affects the aerodynamics of a vehicle is its general external structure, since it is what opposes resistance to the wind depending on it, so removing or placing things inside it would not affect the aerodynamics, it would affect the weight, but As I said, I understand that helicopters have a maximum weight but it is not too low for modifications that vary a few kilos to affect it in such a fatal way and less so in cargo helicopters (which I don’t know if it also affects the osprey if it is affected). you change something internal you disable it)

but hey, in itself more than anything it’s all my complaint, I’m not a programmer to say that I’m doing something about it and I’m not a builder or designer of helicopters, what I’m saying is just a bit of my logic, with my little knowledge about the fiction of vehicles and things about the army that I have come to see

I know that when you make the modification it warns you that the helicopter is useless, but as I said it sounds somewhat illogical to me to prevent it from flying just because you removed the turrets since military helicopters are made so that they are relatively easy to change, obio with knowledge mechanical, but these do not differ so much with the mechanical knowledge in terrestrial vehicles (obviously in regards to turret mounts, already in the internal mechanical theme of this is something very different)

but well, it was a complaint of mine, since I was very willing to change the minigun to the apache and well this appears to me, is it planned to change that about the helicopters at some point? (I am referring to being able to install or uninstall some parts that do not really affect or render the helicopter useless), or is it planned to be left like that?