"DEBUG: tried to set invalid ammo of wooden javelin for altalt"

That exact message shows up every once in a while, and it what seems to happen is that the altalt doesn’t take use a wooden javelin as ammo. I’m not sure what to do about this, and I assume it isn’t because of the Ascension mod. It seems unlikely that would happen.

It indeed isn’t. It’s a bug with the more survival tools mod. Something about trying to make javelins ammo when they should instead be used as weapons in another file.

Personally I just blacklist atlats from the mod and leave it at that, nobody has ever bothered to fix the thing.

In that case (if so possible) I shall fix it myself one day (hopefully soon). However, I first off need to know what type of coding program cataclysm uses in the first place. I only know some stuff about Python and am currently learning some Java, so it is not unlikely that fixing the problem is out of the question. Of course, I would also need to find where the error is in the code too, so that would be annoying.

The game is written in c++, but in this case the problem is consistency between data entries written in json.

Wut? I don’t get it… I hate being a rookie at times, since half the time I don’t actually understand stuff. Once you get into all the file locating and changing stuff I always because confuzld.

The javelin override in More Survival Tools isin’t overriding the javelins item type.