Dayquil/Nightquil marked as LIQUID so cannot be picked up

I’ve just started finding Dayquils that I can’t pick up because the game thinks they’re liquid with no container. What’s going on here?

I’m using the latest experimental as of today.

Are you playing on a new world or an old one?

Dayquil and nyquil both used to be some sort of undefined powder, and they were recently changed to liquids. If the instances you’re finding were generated prior to the change they won’t be in bottles so you won’t be able to pick them up. In that case all you should have to do is wander a bit until you come to a portion of the map that hasn’t been generated yet and you’ll find them properly spawned in containers.

If you’re playing on a new world and seeing this, then it’s a bug.

An old world. Looks like I need to cheat and spawn my stockpile back. But how can I get rid of the “liquid” Dayquil littering my base? I guess I’ll try a mop…?

A mop will clean it up, yes.