Dangerous nub in the woods

Hello survivors,

  1. I’ve just started a new game and I want to make it a wild way and test some stuff as well, so I settled in the middle of wilderness and began my life among trees and squirrels. After I got beaten 2 times, by moose and wolves I faced a serious problem. My pain level increases in random situations, at the night mostly, so I hardly can sleep. My stats also are reduced. How can I deal with it and what’s the reason?

  2. Is there a way to reduce the amount of urban areas, roads, random buildings, minefields, zombies and other products of civilization? Or maybe it’s possible to completely remove those?

10 It sounds like a parasite, obtained from eating uncooked meat and wild vegetables. You can either make bark tea or antiparasitic drugs, i’m not sure about the effectiveness of the first, since I have never needed it.

  1. You can’t remove the cities completely, but if you choose to make a world with city size of 1 they will be reduced to a handful of buildings around a single intersection.

The other structures can be removed by editing overmap_specials.json (simply erase the buildings you don’t want to spawn)

Thanks, John.
Any idea what’s the easiest way to level up survival skill to 6?

[quote=“ZYME, post:3, topic:9920”]Thanks, John.
Any idea what’s the easiest way to level up survival skill to 6?[/quote]

foraging and butchering if you can’t find relevant books.

Also, editing overmap_specials.json could be done by changing this section in each overmap entry (using the first entry, the crater, as an example):

        "overmaps" :
            { "point":[0,0,0], "overmap": "crater"}

Including a tweaked version in a mod would allow you to mess with the map without bricking overmaps elsewhere.

Messing with regional_map_settings.json can be further used to affect what shops, if any, you want appearing in cities. Including an edited copy of that file in a mod SHOULD work.

Alright, I managed to heal myself with bark tea, I built a small wooden hut and now I decided to start preparation for the winter. I guess that food will be the main problem, since stuff I eat now won’t be available in the winter perhaps. Do you guys know any way to prevent the food from rotting? I don’t think i can afford a charcoal smoker, so dehydrated meat isn’t an option. I guess acorn meals won’t be efficient enough, right?

Jerky, pemmican, aspic and sausages are good options. The components aren’t hard to find through hunting and gathering, and salt can be made by boiling swamp water.

Are you at skill level 3 yet? Jerky is the way to go. All you need is salt, or salt water. And to get plenty of that, you’ll need to risk a trip to a swamp.

At level 4 you can cook aspic for better efficiency, if you remember to save all the bones. Though if you need them for stuff…oops. owo

I usually train construction to 3 and build myself a charcoal kiln and a smocking rack. I train it by chopping trees, it takes a while, but it has the additional benefit of getting you a lot of ingredients for the kiln later, when you make it. This way no far away trips to dangerous places are needed, you only need to find about 48 rocks, which should be easy enough.

You can make a fermenting vat too, to make some vinegar.