Dak's stabby stabby build

I wanted to write a new build for newer players since my old one of archery needs books to work.
the only thing you really need to picture this build one point in survival though I tend to put a bunch into dodging.

to start: grab a rock from out side, smash a bench to get a two by for, smash another bench and 1 to two lockers (sometimes the rng does not give enough scrap and you need to bash 3), smash a window, butcher the sheet for about 20 rags, butcher a rag for about 50 thread. Now you should be able to make a spike, next make a knife spear, and finally make a digging stick.

optional but not recommended: you can make a bindle as well for extra carry volume but this will encumber you a lot so I don’t recommend it.

you can use the (f)ire option to do a ranged attack with the spear up to two tiles away, combine this with the movement speed penalty the zombies get in the shallow pits you dug with your digging stick and they rarely get an attack on you.

general strategy: you can handle quiet a bit with this assuming you do not over encumber your self
this includes: dogs (zombie, skeletal, z9),zombies, fat zombies, tough zombies, zombie masters, necromancers, spiter, swimmers, scientists engineers, children
things you may struggle with: bees, moose, bear, the new ranged corrosive zombie, brute, hulks, shockers and generally any of the big scary zombies.

other things you can do to stop the zombies: put something flammables in the pit’s and light it

recommended play: keep your self as unencumbered as possible, leave bags/rucksacks at home to reduce encumbrance, clear area large areas of town, run if you see a zombie you cant handle, come back with your bags to loot.

If you smashed a window, it’s way quicker to disassemble the long string for thread. One point in survival? Man, just make a bunch of makeshift slings/bindles…

Ah, the delicious reach attack…