Cybernetic Disadvantages?

I’m curious as I don’t seem to have run into any sort of disadvantage so far for installing a ton of cybernetics. I know my mutations always come with ups and downs (especially no power armor allowed with many) and was wondering if there is any downsides to cybernetics. Do they add more weight to your character (would be resonable, those cbm boxes are darn heavy things!) or are there hidden penalties or anything at all? So far, after getting some luck with anestetics and then sensory dulling (totally overpowered) it seems like there is litterally no reason not to simply dump every cbm ever into my character (excluding arm blaster which i may still do for funsies)

There are no downsides to cybernetics at this time. Downsides to cybernetics are going to be added over the next year or so. See for the current design proposal.

Oh, I thought there if you got caught in an emp blast or something like that, there could be a chance for cbms to turn bad, or for you to just outright die, especially if you have your power in the red

Makes a good bit of sense, really. And maybe, with enough CBMs, electric damage would slowly increase.

But this isn’t a thread about suggesting ideas on the matter, so let’s not go off topic.

EDIT: Officially, they are called CBMs, BTW. You are technically correct, but saying CBM is also faster.
I think that CBM stands for Compact Bionic Module. Or something like that.

EDIT 2: I can spel

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Increased damage from shockers and also a chance for existing cbm to become leaky bionic or some other malfunctioning type after electrical damage.