Custom Color game message from debug menu lua console

I have been playing around with game.add_msg(“A message here.”) to try and output a message to my game log for role playing purposes. However, I’ve only been able to output messages in white that eventually fade out to grey.

I have tried several different ways to output a different colored message to the log besides white.
Examples I’ve tried:
game.add_msg( game_message_type : 3,(“A message here.”))
game.add_msg(“A message here.”, count : 2 , type : 3) (and various different iterations involving putting double quotes around either count and type, or 2 and 3…)
game.add_msg( m_bad, (“A message here!”))
game.add_msg( <color_red> “A message here.” </color_red>) (which paints part of the message red in the command history bar, interestingly enough)

and various different iterations thereof.

I’m working from

Is it possible to send custom colored messages to your characters logbook by using the game.add_msg function through the lua console provided by the debug menu?
Can anybody help me do this?

game.add_msg("A <color_red>message</color> here.")