Currently-Broken Punt Gun Mod, help please!

I dont know what ive done wrong thus far in particular, so if coumeone could walk me step-by-step through fixing this mess, i would appreciate it greatly

Also, how is it for a first attempt? I just copied some vanilla files and edited them.

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This is error?
DEBUG : ammo type puntshot has invalid default ammo punt_shot_basic

FUNCTION : static void ammunition_type::check_consistency()
FILE : src/ammo.cpp
LINE : 69

Fix is simple, on your file punt_shot_ammo, the ID of the item is shot_punt_basic, when should be punt_shot_basic. An easy overlook error, I would find this a lot happen to me when I started my first mods.

Works now, thanks so much.

Game normally tells what is broken, this one can be tricky it doesn’t say why the error, just throws error. Mainly happens on multiple entries of items in other places, ammo is big cause of this.

im working on alternate shots, then im gonna see about making recipes for it,and making the gun itself spawn in gun stores. Shouldnt be that hard, should it?

Alternate shots are simple, just remember not to change ammo id on both file ammo and ammo_type, or game will throw the error. Recipe are hard, but follow simple pattern as item entry. When large amounts of items exist in mod, spawn lists become new nightmare.

alright. Well, im testing out my alternate shot varieties. this is going to be fuuuun~

Punt-Gun… that same gun used by our old man from the times where shooting 100 duck with a single shot was a normal, possible hunting…

now with this gun… one can tell a story of a man being poured by bloods and body parts outta nowhere.