Crouching? Looks new

Seems to be a new feature along with the running toggle…anyone know what actual effects it has?


Less noise, more movement

You can hide behind some furniture and vehicles.
See here for details:

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And for what i understood on the PR, things that are smashable have a certain coverage value (thato nly apply if you are crouching) that help to hide you if it is between you and the line of sight of the monster

Can it be used to take cover from gunfire yet? I can see fun times during a shootout with bandits or something, ducking behind a bush, popping up long enough to take a snap shot and then crouching again to defend against incoming fire, but I have zero idea how feasible that would be to implement.

For that matter, does it affect accuracy at all?

Hmm, if taking cover IS a thing, is there a difference in actual cover (hardened objects) and concealment (white picket fence).


I dont think it works for cover over gunfire, and no it doest affect accuaracy

I think that depends of the cover value of the object

BTW has someone noticed that if you ride a bicycle (or any car) with the “crouching” it works as if you were on foot?, or im just deluding myself?

What is suck, is what it uses same button as run/walk. Like i am running from zombies, then i want to slow to a walk but now i am crouching and zombies catch me almost instantly.
It needs it’s separate button.


Um, you’ve been able to toggle running since forever. Only crouching is new.

Definitely agree here. Kevin wants a prone posture in the game too at some stage. Changing stance should be separate to changing your movement speed/gait - I can imagine all the awful deaths caused by diving prone from running without the player realizing. Doing so avoids these issues and also opens up possibility for more control over movement and tactical flexibility.

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Is verified, you can ride a vehicle (at least a bicycle) and the effects of crouching applies.

It’s a turn based game and changing stance doesn’t actually cost you time until you move. So just make sure you’re at the proper speed before pressing the key to take another step.


So can I get inside a cardboard box and move around while crouched?

Can I use cheap paper or trash materials to make a vehicle that is just vision blocking cover and push it to fill in gaps in cover?

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You could kind of do that before. An easy way to approach turrets is to push a dresser in front of you. The turret will never see you coming.

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//what an impractically designed robot that is approaching me, why do humans make such strange aethetical choices?
9mm turret


Crouch: exists
Sneak archers: It’s free real estate


Metal Gear?!?


Oh it is sounds like fun. Constantly reminding yourself what what not like in ALL OTHER GAMES, run/walk button is not that, but it is actually run/crouch/walk button. Also to change run walk speed you need to press button one more time to skip crouching.
This is GREAT! It is like peak game design!

Alright, then pick another button on your keyboard that’s not used by another function and is convenient and easy to remember. I’m sure it will be much less of a hassle than pressing " an additional time.

But you can’t do that, that’s exactly the thing. That’s what the guy is complaining about, lol! They’re intrinsically combined together.

Man, being sarcastic is so helpful to game development!

Yes, I think it should get its own button. However, it was also implemented a whole 2 days ago, so maybe give it a bit for it to get hammered out. Also, also, the " key is to change movement mode, so it’s the right place to put it until it would get its own button. Also, also, also, as pointed out, changing movement doesn’t take any time so pushing the button one more time has no consequence in game.