Craters error (Maybe?)

I found a random Mansion at the edge of a forest. On the map the only things are field, Mansion, and forest. On the minimap there are Craters though… Also while I’m walking around the ‘Craters’ well… there aren’t

Any Ideas? And is there still Radiation even if the craters aren’t there?

(I’m not quite sure how to upload pictures with Linux)

A) those are private access links (specific permission needs to be given)
B) most people use places like imgur or some other image sharing site

Oh, and you might try debug spawning a geiger counter if you want to see if there’s radiation there or not.
Being that it’s to check a bug, you can consider it a legitimate use of the Debug commands :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, Heres the images now that I know what I’m doing.