Crashes with advanced inentory


I have been using this experimental version for aroud a week and ie had so many crash when managing inventory. I am still not sure what cause it, it seems very random.
Ive had it happen when i am looking alot of items from the ground at once, while looking at the description of an item and closing that window, when going down the list of items to get to a specifc one to tranpher from one inventory to another.

I dont know the cause of it i delayed posting here hoping to have better steps, all i can say for sure, is when i am managind items on the ground i always have it in less than 10 minutes.

Is there a way to get a callstack to post here?

Windows tile version
Windows 7

Having similiar crashes on WinXP, 1d0b03e. Primarily when transferring between inventories, occasionally immediately upon attempting to open advanced inventory menu, and also sometimes when browsing crafting menu, especially going by ranged section. I use dino cata, boats, no revive, auto gas station, and icecoon weapons. Classic zombies on or off, npc’s on or off.

Oh, and SDL version.

I’ve experienced the same, and I suspect that the autosave is part of the problem. (While I’ve had this kind of crash with the autosave off, they’re FAR less frequent.)

i hope this get fixed soon. i notice if you key press rapidly this bug also occurs.