Crash while sleeping, and again while loading (older+2270)

I was on an older experimental, sleeping by a lab. A tear in reality was nearby. I’m sleeping, and a migo pops through and wakes me up. I put in my ear plugs and go back to sleep. Soon after, the game crashed. I loaded the game up again, and it crashed upon loading twice. I updated to the latest to see if the bug was fixed. I was able to load up the game from the last autosave, shortly after the migo popped through. I went back to sleep and the game crashed again. It crashed upon loading twice more. I don’t know the source of the bug. NPCs are completely off.

I managed to load the game without crashing. I think the crashing was related to some sort of bug with the tear in reality when a monster comes through, and it just didn’t happen this time.

EDIT: There is now a flying polyp, a gracken, a yugg, three blank bodies, and one dead mi-go. It may have been a bug with the mi-go’s speech, and the thing was killed before it could say the bugged phrase. I’ll look out for more crashes around both mi-goes and tears in reality.