Crash when using preset and switching senarios (Windows console 2031)

Sorry for a back to back report, but I found another crash.

I went to start a new game and chose a preset using the Lab Mutant scenario with various traits (unique to that scenario) and decided to switch scenarios to Evacuee to see if different start locations have been implemented. I get a debug error about invalid profession and press spacebar to clear it. It was all fine then, but I pressed > a couple times to switch to the Description page and Cataclysm went black and froze and crashed.

Not game breaking at all, no ingameness to lose and a simple matter to just load it back up and choose a different preset and make a new one. Not even very annoying. Just throwing it out there that this exists so that maybe it will get fit to be polished sometime in the future if it is ever relevant again.

Known issue, thanks for reporting.