Crash to desktop when reloading

Version number: 0.9-4454-g9069c0f
SDL build
windows XP

Each time i try to reload my “FN SCAR-L” rifle the game crash it seems to only happen with my aux flamethrower attachment.

Also i cannot upload my save file due to maximum total size is 200kb and even with rar the save is 600kb.

Thanks for the bug report. Seems the aux weapons are still a bit bugged.

Reported it here:

Got a similiar problem, also with the SCAR-L.
However, it only crashes with extended or extra magazines installed. Waterproofing, brass-catcher & gyroscope don’t trigger it.
I also have a strange display when extended mag is installed- When trying to view the description of the SCAR-L++++ it would show:


And the rest of the window is blank.

Version 0.A stable/tiles-compatible release–last modified on 3/2 @ 6:03
Windows 7
Made comment here

Equipping the extended mag to a five-seven preserved the strange ui-bug, and also the crash-on-reload

The extended mag itself has a blank description as well.

Seems to be related to the ‘%’ in the ext-mag’s description, as BevapDin posited on the git thread.