Crash Confusion

I’m getting a crash on load that indicates something about hydroponics already being loaded, and the crash log is at the link below. Would like to fix, as I would like to continue my save! Thanks.

Remove third-party hydroponics mod and use one provided with game.

Hadn’t installed any third party mods, only using the ones that come with the game download. How do I remove one??


Highlight Hydroponics mod in Launcher and push Delete button. Then update (or reinstall) game so bundled Hydroponics mod will be reinstalled.

I’m not using a launcher, I have not installed any third party mods. I am only using the base game executable and the mods it comes bundled with in its own folders. I guess I’ll try a fresh install.

That means you are updating your game incorrectly (i.e. copying new files with replace over existing files). Proper update is downloading new version archive, unpacking it and copying your config and save folders (plus any third party mods/soundpacks/tilesets you use) into new version folder.

That may have been it, thank you.