Crafting Salted Veggies crashes the game

Crafting salted veggies frequently crashes my game.

CRASH LOG FILE: config/crash.log
VERSION: 0.D-576-g6d4a4ba
TYPE: Signal
MESSAGE: SIGABRT: Abnormal termination

Actually, I’ve been getting an number of crashes like these, almost always when using recipes meant to preserve/bottle/can any fruit or vegetable. Enough so that it’s actually hard to find a valid way to preserve food.

This is all in 0.D Stable, so if it has been addressed in Exp. builds, ignore this.

Game crashes on making canned fruit + canned veggies.

Seems that some/all recipies that require the canning pot may be bugged?

Maybe it’s all the recipies with ‘sealed container’ outputs?

For example, I can make standard woods soup, but not the canned or 3L vessel versions - these always crash.