Couple things (v0.3)

  1. You can choose to be taught something by an NPC as a reward even if they have nothing to teach you. They’ll offer you an empty menu of skills and then consider the reward given. I actually haven’t found a single NPC capable of teaching me anything since the update. Not sure if it’s a larger problem, or I’m just having bad luck with that. Either way, they should still offer to give you something (since they haven’t actually rewarded the player with anything) after the failed attempt at teaching…or better yet just not offer to teach the player anything if they can’t.

This has crashed the game as well (talking to an NPC, seeing the empty teaching list, and then trying to continue the conversation).

  1. Keybinds menu missing some stuff:
    Cheat/debug menu has become unbound by default. Used to be Z, isn’t anything now. AFAIK Z hasn’t been re-assigned to anything. Don’t see why it would be removed?
    Morale button is bugged. Reads as bound in the menu, and functions normally (% key) but doesn’t actually show the keypress on the options. Works fine though.
    Vehicle functions ($ key by default while in a vehicle) not present in the menu.

  2. Delete World on Death option doesn’t actually do anything. Game deletes saves regardless of setting.

  3. Minor graphical errors with new center screen setup. Sometimes text printed to the screen lingers on screen changes. For example: boot game, go to “help” menu, exit back to main screen. Help text remains in upper left corner. Have noticed portions of the splash screen persisting once loading a game. Probably depends on window size. Not a big deal.

  4. Delete World option also deletes all character presets.

  5. Can’t recreate this one easily, but I keep getting monsters randomly spawning inside the evac center infrequently. Using the classic spawn system, still. Noticed a bear wander up out of the shelter basement once and proceed to eat the starting NPC. Another time a Fungaloid appeared inside the shelter and dispensed FUN. Both times I was certain all the doors and windows were both closed and still intact. Kinda hilarious but somewhat frustrating.

  6. Scent travels through closed windows and doors. Perhaps working as intended? It spreads as if there weren’t any barrier at all, though. You would think scents would travel slower (as in, more weakly) through closed portals like that. Maybe it’s working as intended…my two cents though.

And finally my favorite

  1. NPC’s will hand over armed grenades and lit dynamite to the player when asked for a random item. I almost don’t want to complain about this because of how funny it is when it happens. I was gifted a lit stick of dynamite, a friend of mine has handed an armed grenade while streaming the game online. Strangely enough the lit dynamite never exploded despite me tossing it at the NPC and running for the hills. IIRC the grenade DID detonate.

Please dont disable that. Its the most fun thing of cata (Aside burning cougars)

“Hey… I’m dying badly… need antibiotics…”
"I’ll get them for you! Can you lend me some equipment?"
"Well I have this grenade, and this random pin. You’ll probably get more use out of the grenade."
"Ok, thanks! Bye!"

EDIT: On a side note, I really enjoy your Cataclysm videos. However, I think you should play some of the game and record it like you did before “Lessons”.
You seemed much more laid back and funny (hilarious, actually) when you weren’t explaining something and letting the game play out.

^Thanks! I intend to soon. I’m enjoying making the lessons and it seems like a new wave of players is finding them and using them. When I feel like I’ve properly armed them with what they need to know to get out there and get enough space to really start exploring without pressure I’ll go back to the ol’ fun stuff.

There are a couple other games I’d like to play as well. King of Dragon Pass, a demonstration of Space Engine, and some games with bro’s, among other stuff.

This is way off topic. Seriously though, I appreciate the positive feedback.